Cathy Lowe

Cathy Lowe

Cathy Lowe, 29, Los Angeles. Motherhood & Lifestyle Editor.

Whether you’re a single or committed, it’s always nice to feel confident and a little sexy. A lacy set of lingerie that fits perfectly sure does the trick. But if you wear an ill-fitting bra, you will not have the sleek, elegant look that you want. Instead, your whole form will

The holiday season is our favorite time to shop smart and save. Every brand and store comes out with holiday specials and is you’re smart, the savings can really stack up. Here are some of our secrets to help you shop for everyone on your list and entertain family and friends

Hello, smoothie’s lovers! Are you looking for an everyday nutritive type of breakfast? Today I will share 5 great easy to prepare breakfast smoothies recipes, for a natural, healthy and energetic morning meal.These smoothies are prepared with a base of chunks and fruit juice, concentrated or frozen, traditionally mixed with Almond

Superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that are worthy of a place in your daily diet. These are foods that are packed with nutrients and able to improve your health, energy, and diet. From the high antioxidant levels in acai berries to anti-aging effects of goji berries, and everything in between, these

Thanksgiving preparation has never been easier with these super practical and delicious recipes that are sure to be full of flavor and color. Who said that planning Thanksgiving has to be stressful? With these tips, tricks and recipes, you’ll have the fastest and the best Thanksgiving menu of all times! Here we share

Pregnancy, small children and busy schedules can zap a mom’s energy. Finding energy throughout the day to just to get the daily tasks done can sometimes be difficult. That’s when you need some extra ,energizing tips to help you get the most out of your motherhood journey! As a mother  we need energy

If you spent your whole weekend having fun and enjoying the party. Waking up for a Monday morning workout might be extra tough. But the start of the week is actually a great time to recommit to staying fit. Monday Motivation is sometimes hard to come by. When the snooze button is

When it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in your success. But what you wear also matters. Baggy sweats and cotton T-shirts may be comfy, but they can also wreak havoc on your body. Unintentionally revealing tops. Pants that catch on bike gears. Find out how the

Putting a healthy, wholesome meal on the table every morning can be very challenging, especially if you’re a working mom. However, healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. The 3 breakfast recipes and tips require minimal effort and provide maximum results, using ingredients that are easily available. I hope you like them, enjoy! 3

Nowadays, the barre method has become a healthy obsession and naturally, fashion has evolved with the fitness craze. We’re talking pretty performance innovations built for the boutique workout, like compression leggings, sports bras with special support, and non slip toe socks to better activate the muscles during each movement.