Dress To Look Thinner!

As women, we always want to look radiant and obviously thin, so I will provide you my Tips & Tricks to make it possible, so you can Dress To Look Thinner! Like I do! You can easily create an optical illusion to look more stylized, small and slim instantly, no more fasting the night before, You can wear that fabulous dress by adding the right accessories to drive the looks straight to your best body areas. It is not a magic diet, but the right outfits to look and feel fantastic all the time. As we all know, dark colors and especially black, create an effect of depth and make us look much thinner than we are. Don’t forget it!

For this reason, go over the skinny pants, the dark dress or the black shirt of your preference, because you can always play with these items and wear them to your advantage. For example, if you want to disguise your hips use black pants with tops of colors, but if what you want is to conceal the stomach rolls uses a black blouse with cutsThe strong and vibrant colors such as Red, Fuchsia, Yellow and many others call the attention of the eyes wherever you need them.


Tips & Tricks:

Decrease the consumption of salt. It would help deflate you.

Lightweight dinner: fish, some cooked vegetables. Try to avoid carbohydrates.

In the evening, apply on the body and face a good self-tanner. Looking tanned causes an immediate slimming effect and you will become more attractive.

Make a simple make-up, avoid to look pale. Put color on your face, slightly darker foundation or matte bronzer powder will help.

✔ Wear dark and mate stockings to accompany your skirts

✔ Use a pashmina if you want to prevent people looking at your hips.

✔ Do not wear flat shoes, choose heels because they stylize and lengthen your figure.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 1.56.03 PM

Some practical examples:

Avoid clothing with too much fabric or super voluminous like blouses with wide sleeves and loose dresses. Better opt for a coat or a raincoat with belt included, it makes a big difference you can see it in the picture below:

Choose a dress in dark tones, ideally black. Naturally, avoid light colorsespecially white and even more, in areas that you want to ‘hide’. Take a look at the picture:


Skirts in line ‘A’, apart from elegant, they help to hide weight in the hips and derriere and also to key your waist. Take them with something very simple, like a plain sweater. Here is an example:


Use clothes in your size, no one size more or less, because it will make you look overweight. Look in your closet and keep only those clothes that fit you well and comfortable. If you can’t find them, run to buy a jacket in your size and wear it while you lose the extra pounds.

Use necks “V” o rounds, but avoid the swan and turtle. Don’t wear scarves too close to your face, try to give air to the neck, because this way your face and neck will look more clean and lean.

Use straight pants only, forget those baggy, flared or elephant foot type of jeans because you will see much wider.


Avoid patterned clothes, especially if the drawings are too large. The smoother the clothes are, the more flattering to the silhouette would be.


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