Fall For Fitness Challenge

Did you enjoy your summer just a little bit too much? probably traveling and lying down at the beach had a reverse effect into your fitness. Well, now I have the solution to get yourself ready for that amazing dress to wear on the holidays! The Fall season is  here and is a great time to start a Fitness Program because you can take advantage of the weather to exercise outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures. I enjoy to discover park trails and get ready to run, hike or cycle. More motivation? Let’s get your healthy lifestyle back on track, or to get started for the first time, here I will share a Workout Challenge Plan perfect for the Fall.

The idea is to get up, get moving, and get your diet back on track. You don’t need to count calories, and you don’t need to exercise for hours each day. Aim for 20-30 minutes of exercise 6 days per week, along with a clean diet that is free from as many processed foods as possible (lots of lean protein, fruits, veggies, and complex carbs!). If you keep these two goals in mind, I promise: you will feel so much better after the first week that you’ll be itching to keep it going!

Fall For Fitness Challenge:

Workout 1: CARDIO

Get up and get moving for about 30 minutes! You can choose to walk, jog, or use your favorite cardio equipment at the gym example, StairMaster, Elliptical Machine. I personally recommend you to do Zumba and  here I share my 7 reasons to love Zumba.


Since your body is comprised of muscles that help you push and pull, you have to work them all to maximize strength. To do this effectively, choose the whole-body push exercise that is generally considered the king of all lifts: The Squat. Please visit my 30-Day Squat Plan.

Workout 3: CARDIO

See Day 1 – try something new, or repeat your favorite exercise!


See Day 2 – try something new, or repeat your favorite workout!

Workout 5: CARDIO

See Day 1 – try something new, or repeat your favorite exercise!


This 15 minute stretching yoga workout runs through a variety of exercises, some that are static poses that you will hold for varying amounts of time, others that will have you doing a certain number of repetitions.

And now you can repeat your workout week!

Well, now you’ve got your exercise routine planned for the week, let’s take a look at your meals. These are only my recommendations! Feel free to enjoy your favorite healthy meals and adapt these ideas as necessary.

Remember: keep portion sizes in check, eat three meals per day, and enjoy reasonable snacks in between meals whenever you feel hungry. You should be eating every 3 hours to stay energized and to avoid overeating at your next meal. Keep that metabolism humming by fueling it with plenty of nutritious options!

Fall into Fitness Challenge Meal & Snacks suggestions herePre And Post Workout Meals



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