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Fit Tip: Be Comfy, Look Sexy

Comfortable form-fitting clothes show off the hard work you put in: seeing your more-defined muscles and a leaner silhouette keeps you motivated.

Comfy cute workout clothesWhile we all have our own favorite ways to work out, there is one thing that we agree on: No matter what type of exercise rings our bell, it’s important to stay motivated and feel good while we sweat it out.

If there’s one thing that makes us excited to hit the treadmill, trail or yoga studio (and feel confident while doing it), it’s wearing comfortable, cute workout clothes. Which is how we discovered Fabletics, a website that offers the cutest workout clothes we’ve seen in a while. Bonus: Their pieces are also totally affordable.

I’ve recently been taking more yoga classes, and I’ve noticed that my usual clothes aren’t appropriate for the class. I get too hot, and my baggy shirts don’t stay in place while I’m moving from pose to pose. It’s distracting and annoying. So remember, the most important thing is your workout. And if you are not comfortable, you are not going to perform to your potential.

How to get invited: 

This club basically give you the best fitness outfits so you can look your hottest while workout out. Get access to new styles before anyone else, and 50% OFF + Free Shipping on outfits and gear to help you stay motivated, Fit & Fabulous all year long. Our readers get an exclusive invitation, yay for being Fab!
Click the link below to get access! But sshh…don’t tell your gym friends yet, you don’t want everyone finding out how to look as hot as you. 😉

Things to avoid:

Don’t wear super tight clothing that may hinder your ability to move, even if it may catch the eye of your gym crush.

What to look for:

Don’t go all out in baggy clothes that will make you look and feel lazy. Create a balance of tight and loose clothing for comfort and a flattering silhouette.
What do you think? Do you like to dress up for the gym and feel pretty or do you like to feel comfortable while you sweat? Tell us in the comments. 🙂
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