Fitness Fashion Trends For Summer 2015

This season you really have no excuses: Street fashion and workout wear are now cut with a precision and ease that makes getting in shape a pleasure! Check out the chicest trends for this summer below. 

1. Strappy bras
Sports bra prints and designs are getting so strappy and sexy, you might want to leave the tank at home. (Hey, it’s getting warmer right?) You can’t hide a knockout print behind a dull shirt! This one from creams strappy bra perfection. Find it here!



2. Crop tanks
Time to jump on it and show off those sexy abs of yours in a chic crop top. Show a little skin in yoga class.. we guarantee you won’t be the only one.

3. Side mesh panel leggings
You’ve probably noticed that leggings are becoming more meshy than usual, and you probably kind of dig it. Side-mesh panels make leggings breathable (and super sexy), which makes them perfect for warmer weather.

4. Open back tanks
What better way to match your strappy bra then with an open or peek-a-boo-back top? Hot! Currently obsessing over this cutie of a tank! Find it here!


5. Floral prints
Bring the roses back in bloom with your fitness gear. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the brightest, boldest print your find. 

6. Colorful sneakers 
Gone are the days where your running shoes were gray and functional… while you saved that special pair of Pumas for the streets. Bold, eye-catching sneakers have been popping up all around you in class, and you’ve probably been struck with major shoe envy. So go ahead, add some color to your feet!



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