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Sexy ankle and thigh-high boots are our favorite fall trends and we definitely aren’t alone. From Kendall Jenner to Gwyneth Paltrow, the celeb set loves adding an extra dose of sexy to their style with their fancy footwear and so can you! The options are endless! Start looking for your best style.

From the runway to the street, these sexy boots trend is everywhere we turn, and you can easily recreate the look! Here we share some ideas to get the look at an affordable price (first item under $20)


While it can be satisfying to refresh your style by layering up for fall, the boots this season offer even more rich textures and colors to mix up your look. Not only are over-the-knee boots totally functional for fall, they’re also beyond stylish. You can also wear the silhouette and we love the way it can instantly dress up a get-up or add a sexy vibe to your outfit like the fantastic Olivia Palermo does!



If you tuck in a pair of faux leather leggings or skinny jeans and rock a basic tee, the look will instantly have a dressier, trendier and sexier vibe.
Pair the boots with a sweater dress or separates that aren’t overly sexy if you want to tone down the look. Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean shorts season is totally behind us.


Rock a pair of winter shorts with tights and boots if you just can’t seem to part with the silhouette. One of the main reasons I love the look is because the over-the-knee boot is actually really practical.


The best piece of advice I can give you is to try all these type of boots because it’s important you find a pair that’s right for your body type, fits your leg comfortably and looks totally chic.


It’s also really important to play with proportion — the most flattering way to sport the style is to show a hint of skin between the dress/skirt and the top of the boots. If you rock them with something too long, you totally lose the whole look.



Find these amazing boots and more here. Follow the instructions and get access to new styles before anyone else!!! Great price and limited offer!



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