How to Look Cute While Working Out

What to wear to the gym to look amazing while sweating it out.

Most people probably don’t feel super cute when waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym. Sleepy eyes, no make-up on, and bed head hair is not the hottest look. And to make matters worse there are likely to be many attractive people—even famous ones—starring at you or mulling about as you do your first and five-millionth weighted squat. It’s really hard to look good while doing those. Unfortunately, we can’t wear sunglasses and hats to cover up our tired morning faces. Wearing makeup is not an ultimate option either, as it clogs our pores when we sweat. But there are little things I do to help look a bit more presentable..

Face & Hair:
Moisturize – Most women look best with a great moisturizer on, it gives a natural glow. 
Curl your eyelashes –  Curling your eyelashes is the biggest trick. It just opens up your face. Waterproof mascara works, too.
Illuminate – Use an illuminator on your cheekbones to look a bit more awake.
Lipgloss – A shiny gloss works well without looking too makeup-y.  
Hair – Brush out the ends and put it up in a ponytail or a simple braided ponytail.


As you can’t go too heavy on makeup and hair, your choice of clothing is even more important. Your clothes are what can really help you feel confident and good about yourself as you go about your workout. 

– Everyone loves a great pair of leggings, preferably in black—true black, not grey-black—because black on the bottom slims everyone down.
Flowy, cut-off long sleeves or tank top crop-tops – If you wear tight bottoms – match with a looser top – and vice versa. 
Sports Bra – Match it with the color of the rest of your outfit or sneakers for an extra cute look. Right now we are loving strappy sports bra. 
Sneakers – Rotate between two pairs of sneakers to keep your look fresh. It makes you look chic and maintains your shoes a bit longer.

Find all the items you need for a super chic and cute look below:


Bach Legging“, “Houston Legging“, and “Clover Legging” are perfect all-black long leggings for a super slim look!


Add a crop or loose tee to your leggings. “Switch Back Tee“, “Pryor Tank“, and “Monrovia Sweatshirt” all match perfectly!


Complete your look with a cute sports bra. Left-Right: “Dash Bra“, “Lunada Bra“, and “Vaasa Sports Bra“.

Find all these cute, comfy, and affordable workout clothes here. Bonus: Right now our readers get a full outfit for only $15!

Screenshot 2015-07-29 16.07.22

What do you wear, on your bod and on your face, to work out? Give us your fab tips in the comments!





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