What should I eat after and before a workout? If you are like me you are jumping from one activity to another while you also try to eat healthy, but sometimes your don’t have the time or the ideas to improve your meals. If you get tired and bored about your

So…October is here  and probably you’re feeling healthy and confident about your fitness training so far, since the Summer has gone and you don’t need to wear your bikini on the weekends. Now, is when you really need to keep your goals and focus on. This is your most important moment,

Are you deciding whether to take a Yoga class or a Pilates class? Are you confused about the differences between these two? Yoga and Pilates are often thrown into the same category because they are similar practices, but which one should you be part of? If you you want your

One of the best parts of barre is that it combines strength training and cardio, so you’re burning fat and building muscle at the same time. This technique focuses on strengthening the muscles, and muscle tissue burns 15 times as many calories as fat. The stronger you get, the more calories you’ll


SAVE on sunscreen – Everyone should be wearing SPF on a daily basis — rain or shine, winter or summer — because it prevents premature aging and skin cancer. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. SAVE on moisturizer – A daily moisturizer is really only there

Are you one of those people who happened to forget about that hit-the-gym-on-a-daily-basis new-years resolution in February? Freaking out over the fact that summer is here and, let’s face it, your summer bod.. is not? Don’t worry.. we got you covered! Get your body in shape and ready with these

If you are like most 20-somethings, hormones have settled and puberty-driven blemishes have subsided. But now you have a new set of skincare concerns in your 20s: everything from unexpected adult breakouts to the early signs of aging skin. With a few simple steps, however, you will have no problem keeping your skin

You know that woman—the one from the office, the gym, or TV whose glowing skin you’d love to have? Well, our goal is to help you get it. Here are the ten skin tips that will make any complexion look flawless—and how you can have them too. 1. Exfoliate Sure,


Follow These Tips For Gaining Muscle While Shredding Body Fat. You have to do something…anything! Get off the couch, get outside and move your body. If you think you need hours and hours each day, you’re wrong. 10-15 minutes of walking, stretching, doing bodyweight exercises will add up very quickly in

Party Comfortably and In Style this Winter Today we share 10 Outfit Ideas that are perfect for any type of Holiday Party! The Holidays are here again and you’ve probably got no shortage of parties and events to attend. Whether you’re looking to go dressy or casual, sparkly or sophisticated. If

When choosing jogging or exercise clothing should be conditioned to the sport, we should not only paid attention to the colors and combinations, but also to the fabrics and their technology. Winter has arrived and we need to star paying attention to lower temperatures in order to finish our training

7 Amazing Homemade Beauty Tips  Today I will share my 7 Most Useful and Natural Homemade Recipes for Beauty Tips that really work. Try these effective remedies for your skin, nails and hair. Have you ever heard your grandmother said there was no better product for hair envy than mayonnaise? And


When it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in your success. But what you wear also matters. Baggy sweats and cotton T-shirts may be comfy, but they can also wreak havoc on your body. Unintentionally revealing tops. Pants that catch on bike gears. Find out how the

Shoes are a woman’s best and most needed friend. With seemingly endless options each season, it’s hard not to amass a collection of pumps in a rainbow of colors, or more than 10 pairs of black boots. So, if you’re looking to make a major investment this fall season, or

Nowadays, the barre method has become a healthy obsession and naturally, fashion has evolved with the fitness craze. We’re talking pretty performance innovations built for the boutique workout, like compression leggings, sports bras with special support, and non slip toe socks to better activate the muscles during each movement.          

While we all have our own favorite ways to work out, there is one thing that we agree on: No matter what type of exercise rings our bell, it’s important to stay motivated and feel good while we sweat it out. If there’s one thing that makes us excited to