Summer Vacation Tip: How To Pack Like A Pro

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to prep for upcoming summer travels with a refresher in minimalist packing. Because as much as we love feeling ready for any dress code, it’s not exactly fun lugging around an overpacked bag, either. Follow these do’s and don’ts to pack like a pro!

– Don’t underestimate the power of making a list. Write down the bare essentials of what you’ll need for your trip, wherever the final destination may be. Then, follow your list without exception – it’ll help you to not go overboard when you start digging into your wardrobe.

– Do be reasonable. Override that voice in your head trying to convince you that you absolutely need seven swimsuits for a three-day trip. You don’t…and the practical you knows that.

– Don’t skimp too much. If you know that you’re going to a wedding with formal dinners planned every night, then yes pack a few extra dresses. The trade-off? Include a neutral-toned pair of ankle-strap sandals that go with each outfit, so you don’t have to overload on the shoe front.

– Do roll your clothes instead of folding them. First of all, it minimizes wrinkles and therefore you don’t have to worry about the quality of your hotel iron. Second of all, it frees up a lot of space for other traveling necessities

– Do pack a great belt, a pair of statement earrings, and a classic pair of flat sandals. When in doubt, these things will come in handy.

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