Christmas is coming and there is nothing better than to decorate your home with your family and loved ones! I love to keep in my mind those special moments when we met and enjoy placing the decorations together while listening to cheerful Christmas Songs. I personally prefer to handcraft decorations with my kids and

Putting a healthy, wholesome meal on the table every morning can be very challenging, especially if you’re a working mom. However, healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. The 3 breakfast recipes and tips require minimal effort and provide maximum results, using ingredients that are easily available. I hope you like them, enjoy! 3

  As things heat up, most kids find that their summer clothes from last year no longer fit. On the quest for something special, comfortable and fun to restock the kids’ closets we’ve rounded up the following finds – for play, pool, backyard barbecues and more Stripes For those who

Backtalk in a home with young children is a common, normal, everyday occurrence. But it can leave us feeling like the worst Mom in the world. We wonder, “Am I handling this right? My friend’s child doesn’t do this. Her child is respectful. My child mouths off constantly. I am