As women, we always want to look radiant and obviously thin, so I will provide you my Tips & Tricks to make it possible, so you can Dress To Look Thinner! Like I do! You can easily create an optical illusion to look more stylized, small and slim instantly, no more fasting the night before, You

Hello, smoothie’s lovers! Are you looking for an everyday nutritive type of breakfast? Today I will share 5 great easy to prepare breakfast smoothies recipes, for a natural, healthy and energetic morning meal.These smoothies are prepared with a base of chunks and fruit juice, concentrated or frozen, traditionally mixed with Almond

Party Comfortably and In Style this Winter Today we share 10 Outfit Ideas that are perfect for any type of Holiday Party! The Holidays are here again and you’ve probably got no shortage of parties and events to attend. Whether you’re looking to go dressy or casual, sparkly or sophisticated. If

Estas son las 10 prendas básicas que debes tener en tu armario. Con ellas, la tarea de vestirse con estilo será mucho más fácil y agradable. Las siguientes 10 prendas de vestir trascienden en el tiempo y las tendencias, nunca estaras fuera de moda y siempre luciras clasica y con

Sexy ankle and thigh-high boots are our favorite fall trends and we definitely aren’t alone. From Kendall Jenner to Gwyneth Paltrow, the celeb set loves adding an extra dose of sexy to their style with their fancy footwear and so can you! The options are endless! Start looking for your best style. From the

What should I eat after and before a workout? If you are like me you are jumping from one activity to another while you also try to eat healthy, but sometimes your don’t have the time or the ideas to improve your meals. If you get tired and bored about your

While we all have our own favorite ways to work out, there is one thing that we agree on: No matter what type of exercise rings our bell, it’s important to stay motivated and feel good while we sweat it out. If there’s one thing that makes us excited to

Workout clothes for women, once relegated to the back of the closet, are moving to the front of the fashion scene. Fitness is having a moment in fashion, where Yoga pants are the new jeans, neon sports bras have become the “it” accessory and long athletic socks are hipper than high heels.

The secret to scoring a dancer’s trim and toned shape is to work your muscles less than you’re used to. Yep, you read that right. Dancers practice concentrated movements that function as deep sculpting tools to create long, lean muscles. Those coveted results are what have inspired dance-infused fitness programs

Most people probably don’t feel super cute when waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym. Sleepy eyes, no make-up on, and bed head hair is not the hottest look. And to make matters worse there are likely to be many attractive people—even famous ones—starring at you