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How to Save Money On Christmas & Holiday Shopping

Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your dollar with the least stress possible

Marketplace-Seller-Coupons-Blog-BannerThe holiday season is our favorite time to shop smart and save. Every brand and store comes out with holiday specials and is you’re smart, the savings can really stack up. Here are some of our secrets to help you shop for everyone on your list and entertain family and friends in style while staying on your budget.

Trust me, you’ll be more relaxed and stress-free if you don’t break the bank! Get ready enjoy the holidays, knowing you’ve shopped smart. 😉 Save money right away with these holiday spending tips:

1) Make a menu for your Christmas and other Holiday dinners.

Sit down and list the dishes you plan to make and the ingredients you need to buy. Inventory your kitchen to see what you already have on hand – and be thorough. I always have canned goods and other staples that sit in the back of the pantry all year long – put those babies to good use!

2) Check weekly advertising circulars download Retale to have it on your phone. See which stores have the best prices on the items you need.

Most stores will feature a few of items at rock-bottom sale prices – so you can cherry pick the best deals. Ask stores if they have a price matching policy. If one says yes, take the ads from all the stores to the price matching store and get the lowest price on every item in one store. (And you’ll save gas!)

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3) Be a coupon hunter!

Christmas is one of the most important grocery and big box stores coupon times of the year. Store circulars in newspapers have more coupons than usual – and you can have them on your phone with apps like Retale. Can you tell I’m obsessed with it? I’m the crazy coupon lady scrolling through endless deals on my phone while browsing the aisles, guilty as charged. 🙂

4) Save by substituting and avoid expensive ingredients for your Christmas dinner.

For example, instead of using a $4 package of pecans for a sweet potato casserole topping, you might use a crumble topping with oatmeal, butter and brown sugar that costs pennies to make. Note, too, that it’s less expensive to bake a pumpkin pie than an apple pie – and much easier.

5) Stock up on holiday-time savings.

Take advantage grocery bargains right after Thanksgiving and Christmas and stock up for future meals. If you have the freezer space, buy an extra turkey or two. Don’t forget the sales on canned pumpkin, cranberries, gravy and pie crust mix – and you can use them all year.

If you love the holidays as much as us, you’ll love shopping with these tips and strategies for getting the most for your dollar, with the least stress possible and time to focus on you and your loved ones.

Happy Holidays! <3Screenshot 2015-12-11 17.39.38

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